Thermogrpahy auditing services

IPI Learning has decades of experience in performing professional thermography services and developing thermography programs to worlds best practice. Our expert Level III instructors and thermographers are well equipped to provide you with a professional assessment and feedback on the effectiveness of your infrared program as well as providing a scope for development and improvement.

Report Auditing
The written infrared inspection report is perhaps the most important part of any infrared inspection program. When properly documented the report serves a communication tool describe exactly what was inspected, who performed the inspection and how the inspection was conducted along with imagery and data for each exception detected. An effective report provides the basis for problem identification & investigation, rectification, and achieving permanent improvements that deliver real long term cost benefits to an organisation. In some cases the infrared inspection reports may become key pieces of evidence in legal claims.
Regardless of the final use of an infrared inspection report, proper documentation is imperative. Thermographers frequently fail to generate inspection reports that are compliant with published standards which not only undermine the credibility of the report but can also leave them exposed to scrutiny and in some cases liability.
The written report is the most obvious evidence of your ability or in some cases inability. Before submitting a professional report to a client consider utilising our report auditing services to critique the report in accordance with industry standards and be confident that you are submitting quality information.

Infrared Inspection Program Auditing
IPI Learning provides an on-site service at your facility to conduct a thorough audit of your Infrared Inspection Program. We identify areas for improvement and ways to maximise your return on your investment, improve reliability and optimise the efficiency of staff resources.
One of our expert Level III consultants will be able to:
• Review the onsite application of thermography
• Identifying areas where the program is being improperly implemented
• Eliminate redundant or low return inspection efforts
• Identify any new potential applications
• Review and assess staff skill levels and training requirements
• Evaluate the effectiveness of the overall program, reviewing historical failures and improvements/decline in reliability.
• Review routes and adjust inspection frequencies as necessary to optimise inspection program
• Review the effectiveness of reporting and communication tools