Training Partnership Program

Many thermography training courses are provided by manufacturers who are intent on promoting and selling their equipment to class participants. Should your clients ever attend such a training course you risk having them attend a well-practiced, week-long sales seminar – a sales seminar which will no doubt influence their future purchasing decisions.

IPI Learning provides a unique and safe learning environment for your customers. Our courses are “vendor neutral” and presented without bias or marketing hype toward any equipment manufacturer, and IPI Learning presenters are trained to actively discourage discussions with their students regarding camera sales or brand preferences.

For those who wish to resell our training courses to their customers, the IPI Learning Training Partnership Program is available to all manufacturers or resellers of thermal imaging equipment. By joining our Training Partnership Program you are entitled to discounted prices for certified courses, workshops, tutorials and onsite mentoring when you register participants.

According to IPI Learning’s Principal trainer Brenton Ward: “We offer infrared camera sellers a Training Partnership Program that won’t undermine their relationship with their customers. It enables them to provide their customers with quality thermography training, without the risk of their customers being poached in the process.”

IPI learning values its Training Partners, and as such we will NEVER sell directly to your clients. You clients remain your clients, and all correspondence or student queries are directed back to you.

Additionally, as a Training Partner, you are invited to provide your own promotional material for display in our training centre, and are welcome to partake in the lunches during the course to liaise with your clients.

“Our Training Partners are an important part of their client’s training experience. We want them to feel the same ownership and pride that we feel in our training courses, and work closely with them in delivering a quality product for their clients.” says Tamara Pilkington, Marketing Manager of IPI Learning.

Don’t risk your clients going to your opposition for thermography training! Register today for our training partner program.