IPI-3-CM Thermal Imaging System

Continuous Monitoring Thermal Imaging System

The IPI-3-CM thermal imaging system is a value packed continuous monitoring thermal imager. More recently you could have expected to pay 3x times this amount to obtain this level of functionality in a process control and monitoring camera.

What differentiates the IPI-3-CM thermal imaging system from you typical surveillance or continuous monitoring cameras is the ethernet control, data acquisition and process control functions.

The high speed Gig Ethernet is the cornerstone of this technology. Unlike high speed USB or Firewire devices, it does not bog down the computer system’s CPU which with older technology is prone to crashes and the need for continual reboots. Instead the router handles most of the traffic and PC’s can log into the IP address to obtain data streaming live from the camera. Via the ethernet interface you can control every aspect of the camera’s functions including: temperature range, level and span (sensitivity), data collection parameters, monitoring controls,automated alarms, analysis and much more. This high speed interface also allows for simultaneous real time monitoring and recording. Combined with an advanced suite of analysis tools you can easily log and trend data on critical areas of your target.

There are a great range of lens options making this camera suitable for a wide variety of applications. This level of functionality is ideally suit to any process monitoring applications (ie general manufacturing, food manufacture, chemical process, mining, production lines, stockpiles etc). With it’s advanced analysis capabilities it can also be applied to more sophisticated security or fire applications, where temperature profiling can provide useful information for discernign between targets, scenarios or activating alarms etc.

The unit has 2 outputs on the rear of the camera for alarm controls.

IPI-3-CM Alarm Switch

The software suite is bug free and works fabulously. It is well laid out and has a great console feel. You can customise the console to show operators the most relevant or important information for the application. While the user interface can be customised for the operators view (ie palette, level and span adjustment, analysis etc), it does not affect the independant camera settings. This means operators cannot accidentally modify camera paramaters. A separate interface is designed for adjusting the core camera settings. A software development kit is also provided so developers can customise camera control for themselves. The combination of all this software support makes for a very versatile and powerful package.

The image quality speaks volumes for the units overall build quality and performance. It is sensational with excellent uniformity, great thermal stability and high thermal sensitivity that results in a crisp, stunning image under all conditions.

IPI-3-CM Image

The standard housing is for indoor use only, however an outdoor rated housing (IP65) is available for external environments.

While there are more sophisticated units available for specialist applications they can come with some hefty price tags. The IPI-3-CM thermal imaging system achieves a lot on a little budget and will suit most continuous monitoring applications.

If more resolution is required, the IPI-6-CM thermal imaging system boasts a 640×480 detector.