Infrared drone / UAV thermal imaging roof for energy loss

This is my first footage captured with my new Thermocopter… a custom built multi rotor copter with thermal imager attached. The current thermal imager is a non radiometric version for surveillance, crop management, fire management and building diagnostics. It has GPS lock for precision control and is relatively easy to fly for a novice.

In this capacity I was imaging the exterior of the structures to identify energy loss and air exfiltration at the upper elevations of the structure.

As you can see from the imagery the Thermocopter is very efficient at obtaining a detailed aerial perspective that is otherwise unobtainable from ground level. The first structure is my home and shows some hot spots on the roof around the kitchen and the bathroom where exhaust ducting is installed, resulting in excess energy loss.

The second lot of footage is from a newly built energy efficient home showing virtually no energy loss.

Still have some work to go yet on this unit and hopefully with practice my flying will get smoother.

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